vwin正规吗Mumford&Wood - 伦敦的遗产专家

vwin正规吗Mumford&Wood - 伦敦的遗产专家

多年来,Mumford&Woodvwin正规吗荣幸能够在全国首都的众多建筑师,建筑商和抱负房主选择,作为真实风格,新窗户和门的供应商。由于伦敦本身拥有超过25种不同的保护区,以及跨越各种建筑时期,年龄和上市状态的建筑物,当涉及到更换窗户和门时,Mumford&Wood团队的专业知识和经验是秒vwin正规吗没有任何。该范围的质量符合全市多个规划机构规定的严格规定,其中工程木材与定制的效益联合定制,时期正确的设计确保新的窗口表现为非常高的标准,同时完美契合他们指定的建筑物。在选择新窗口和门时,使整个范围测量,允许更大的灵活性和创造力。在Barbican Station附近的布街道上,这使得独特的蓝色饰面中的新入口门创造了对大楼的开放入口。这个项目中包含的是一个唯一的大楼,这是一个明确的最小的建筑物之一。你几乎需要膝盖才能完成它吗?除了这些新的门,漂亮的拱形窗扇安装在楼上的楼上,距离长车道很短。 These were beautiful like-for-like replacements of older sash windows that had reached the end of their life. The new sash windows are a perfect accompaniment to the architecture of the building where their fresh, yet entirely authentic appearance stand out among the neighbouring structures. Heading west to Fitzrovia, new casement windows and French doors from the Conservation range were specified for the upper floors of 76-78 Mortimer Street. These new, tall windows allow plenty of natural light to flood the office space and apartments that occupy this building, with the French doors on the top floor opening onto private balconies. Continuing west, for regular visitors to Harry’s Bar on James Street in Marylebone, the pink façade of the building is already an eye-catching feature on the street. To further enhance the beauty and respect the heritage of the building, arched sash windows in White were replaced, perfectly matching the originals while complementing bespoke stonework surrounding the new window openings. Mumford & Wood’s portfolio of projects in London increases year-on-year and the expertise of the team continues to make the difference in a variety of projects across the capital. For those living and working in London who wish to see the quality of the range first-hand, Mumford & Wood have a permanent exhibit at The Building Centre on Store Street in Bloomsbury. With a selection of windows and doors on display and detailed product information available, this is the perfect environment for those undertaking a new project or involved in the architectural specification of windows and doors, to experience the product range first-hand. A member of the team can offer advice and the benefit of their expertise, one-on-one, by appointment.



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